Natural, Integrative, and Functional Medicine FAQs in Scottsdale AZ

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Diana DaGrosa answers some of the frequently asked questions we hear at Bright Path Wellness. If you have a question about natural, integrative, or functional medicine in Scottsdale AZ that isn't answered here, contact us for a prompt response!

Scottsdale AZ Integrative Medicine FAQs

What is the Scope of the Practice?

Diana DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., ACN is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Arizona and holds a Master of Oriental Medicine. She is a certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist. She practices natural, integrative and functional medicine within her licensed scope of practice in Arizona. Diana’s practice does not involve prescribing drugs or medications, and at Bright Path Wellness, we never direct patients to stop taking medications without first discussing it with their physician. Bright Path Wellness gladly works collaboratively with the patient's healthcare team for the best patient care. Arizona Law allows in-state patients to order their own lab tests, and Bright Path Wellness can facilitate this process.

Do I still need a primary care physician?

Yes, your relationship with your Primary Care Physician is vital to your overall health and must be maintained. Bright Path Wellness and Diana DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., ACN do not replace the services of your current medical team. We will work adjunctively with your Designated Primary Care Physician of Record and other healthcare providers for your optimal health and wellness.

What do I need to know about my first appointment?

Your Initial Health Evaluation & Functional Medicine Appointment will be scheduled to last up to 90 minutes. Prior to scheduling the appointment, the required intake forms need to be completed and returned to the office. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to complete additional forms.

At this first appointment, Bright Path Wellness will present you with an initial protocol. you will receive a welcome packet with health & lifestyle tips, our recommended lab test options, and information to assist with your specific health challenge. We will also review the programs, memberships and series we offer.

You’ll leave this first appointment ready to begin the 1st phase of your program towards lifelong optimal health.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

The time of the appointment is reserved for you. Patients are required to give the office 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule a Treatment appointment and 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule a Consultation appointment. Cancelation of Monday appointments must be made by the prior Friday at the scheduled time of your appointment, or a cancelation fee will apply.

Late cancellations, reschedules, and “no-shows”, except in the event of considerable emergency or illness, will result in you being charged the full fee for the session or forfeiture of one session of a treatment plan.

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than the required notice, we will attempt to re-book the appointment with another patient. Cancelation charges will be waived if your appointment can be filled by another patient.

It is our policy to start your appointment on time, so you won't have to wait. Please arrive promptly for your appointment so that we may offer the same courtesy to the next patient, provide you with high-quality treatment, and operate our office efficiently.

If you are running late, please call the office as soon as possible to notify us. Patients who are more than 15 minutes late may be considered a "no-show" and be responsible for payment for the missed session. At the practitioner's discretion, late arrivals will receive the balance of time remaining on their scheduled appointment and will be charged the full fee.

Should I bring my blood and other lab tests to my initial appointment?

After the Initial Health History & Functional Medicine Evaluation appointment, Bright Path Wellness will let you know if a review of historical test results would be beneficial for analysis. We prefer to have current test results, and may therefore recommend either a basic or specialty test. At the completion of your initial appointment, you will be presented with a schedule of recommended diagnostic tests including the associated consultation fees.

I Just Got Sick. What is Quick Check for Existing Patients?

Bright Path Wellness has many natural and effective remedies for acute or sudden sicknesses such as: stomach bugs, food poisoning, traveler's diarrhea, colds, flu, injury pain, and anxiety. Active existing patients may contact the office for a FREE sudden illness remedy suggestion. Diana will review the patient’s symptoms and recommendation a nutrient, herbal or homeopathic protocol.

Remember, Our Erchonia Violet Laser helps to Reduce the Effects of Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Infections.

There’s no need to suffer - Contact Bright Path Wellness Immediately!

When do you recommend Acupuncture Treatments?

Although we offer an Initial Acupuncture Appointment, we highly recommend all our patients participate in Functional Medicine care. Most chronic health issues stem from multiple origins and require a comprehensive approach to properly resolve. By participating as a Functional Medicine patient, you allow Diana to employ her extensive experience in Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Applied Clinical Nutrition in addition to Acupuncture, and you are given the best opportunity to resolve health challenges and achieve optimal health.

What is Your Email Etiquette Policy?

Patients have unlimited email contact with their Bright Path Wellness provider team. However, if an email question or request is deemed by one of our staff to be too complicated or involved for a response via email they may, at their discretion, require that the patient schedule a phone, tele-medicine or in person consultation instead of responding via email.

Does Bright Path Wellness Accept Insurance?

Our policy is that payment in full is due at time of service. Each insurance company and lab has unique requirements, so it is best to contact your insurance company to pre-qualify for eligibility. Some insurance companies are starting to recognize the value of natural holistic medicine such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, and Nutrition. Some insurance companies may cover diagnostic lab testing fees. In some cases, the labs we recommend offer a set discounted fee of their services.

Patients may request a Super Bill to submit to their health insurance company for potential re-reimbursement. If the patient’s insurance company requests additional documentation or information, there may be an additional fee to the patient. Laboratory Testing Companies may submit claims to the patient’s insurance company for additional re-reimbursement over-and-above the lab fee paid to Bright Path Wellness. For more information see our Recommended Laboratory Testing Options.

Can my appointments be done over the phone, or on or Zoom?

Yes. Although we prefer that your first appointment is done in person, as Diana DaGrosa uses all her senses for feedback and analysis, we recognize that this is sometimes not possible. In those cases, we can do appointments on the phone or by video conference.

What are Bright Path Wellness's Privacy Practices?

Bright Path Wellness abides by HIPAA regulations regarding patient confidentiality and will not disclose any patient’s medical information without their prior written consent.

Bright Path Wellness uses multiple technology platforms to manage patient information. Patients agree to opt-in to marketing emails, and may choose to explicitly opt-out. Opting out of marketing emails does not remove patients from the Practice Records Management and Online Appointment Scheduling Systems unless a written request is submitted.

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Safe?

Diana DaGrosa  has extensively studied both Chinese and Western herbs, and has used them in her own healing. All herbs recommended by Bright Path Wellness are professional grade, come from high quality sourcing, have passed extensive testing for purity and meet extremely high manufacturing standards. These herbs may only be distributed through licensed healthcare practitioners, as their potency is much greater than what you can buy over-the-counter or online. Chinese herbal formulas have been developed over thousands of years and are based on individualized pattern diagnosis; they can be highly effective when other remedies are not.

What Methods of Payment does Bright Path Wellness Accept?

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Account Cards are also welcome.


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