Fast Aid in Scottsdale AZ for Home and Travel

Fast Aid in Scottsdale AZ for Home and Travel

Fast Aid in Scottsdale AZ for Home and Travel

We have created a fast and easy first aid kit in Scottsdale AZ for use at home as well as for those who are traveling during the holidays! These items can prevent and provide quick relief to those of you who will be braving the malls, airports, and even family gatherings.

Don’t let a cold or flu get the better of you this holiday season!

Included in our convenient Scottsdale AZ Fast Aid kits are:

Star FloraRestore – a specific strain of probiotics that is a lifesaver! Use this to combat food poisoning, vomiting, and diarrhea. Take 1-2, two times daily.

Cytozyme-THY – a nutrient that helps boost your immune system. Take two per day as prevention, or take two 3-4 times a day if actively ill.

Star ViraQuell – an herbal formulation that battles respiratory challenges. Take one capsule 2 times daily for up to a week.

Guna-Flu – a homeopathic formula alternative to a flu shot. Take one vial per week for 6 weeks. Getting on a plane? Take one vial before your flight. If you are actively sick, take one vial, 2-3 times per day in addition to Cytozyme-THY.

Defense Essential Oil Blend – our therapeutic, aromatic blend of essential oils to boost the immune system. Place a drop in a tissue or hanky and simply breathe it in, or place on your wrist creases. This blend is great to use on a plane, in close quarters, a busy mall, or even in a busy office!

*dosages for children are to be reduced to half of the adult dosages described above*


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