Immune Support in Scottsdale AZ

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Our Response to Pathogens Is the Same As with Any Other Health Challenge - Support & Enhance Function. Bright Path Wellness offers alternative approaches to immune support in Scottsdale AZ.

Our Response to Pathogens is to SUPPORT & ENHANCE IMMUNE FUNCTION!

  • Be Proactive! Proactively Support Immune Function.
  • Tested Positive or Been Exposed? – Enhance Function to Fight the Virus and Lessen Its Effects.

How Do We Support & Enhance Function in Scottsdale AZ?

  1. Homeopathics, Vitamins, Herbs, and Nutrients Specifically Targeted and Clinically Proven to Support & Enhance Function
  2. Heal & Seal Leaky Gut aka Intestinal Permeability to Strengthen Barrier Function & Health
  3. Non-Thermal Laser Therapy to Energize, Support, & Enhance Cellular Level Function

Our Response to All Health Challenges is to Support & Enhance Function

At Bright Path Wellness, We Have the Tools and Are Raising the B.A.R.!

Believe, Achieve & Receive

If you are not able to find an appointment time on our online scheduling system, please call us at 480-629-8110 for additional availability.

Our program are beneficial for:

  • Proactive Immune System Support
  • Active Infection Presentation
  • Medical Intervention Side-Effects
  • Long-Haulers

Information provided will help determine the current status of your immune system and which nutrient, herbal and/or homeopathic remedies will best support and enhance your immune system's function.

Following the appointment, you will be provided with a recommended protocol for support of your immune system.

Diana L. DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., ACN, and Bright Path Wellness cannot prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.

Those Clients with chronic health issues will be better served by becoming a Full Functional Medicine Patient of Bright Path Wellness.


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