- Recommended Diagnostic Tests -

Recommended Functional & Advanced Testing to assist us with determining the Root Cause of your health challenges.

At Bright Path Wellness, we analyze all test results using Functional Levels to uncover health challenges
before they become a full disease process.

Prescription Drugs can cause Nutrient Deficiencies - Check Your Drug on this Chart

Nutrient Function - Deficiency Symptoms - Check Your Symptoms on this Chart

Some Tests are offered at a reduced cost if you have health insurance.
Contact us to determine your cost.  Already have a recent test, we can analyze it!

Blood draws are available by appointment in the comfort of Bright Path Wellness's office.
Mobile blood draw service available in some areas of Arizona.  Check with us to locate the closest blood draw facility nationwide.

SpectraCell Laboratories offers the standard blood panels such as: CBC w/differential; Comprehensive Metabolic; Thyroid plus Adrenal; and Hormones.  SpectraCell also offers advanced clinical tests including:   (Click the test's Logos for detailed information)

Are you taking too many supplements?  Not enough?  Nutritional status is a vital foundation of health and performance.  SpectraCell's micronutrient testing is an innovative assessment of nutritional status.  Unlike traditional serum, hair and urine tests, SpectraCell's tests evaluate how an individual's white blood cells respond to varied environments of over 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  As a result, individual differences in metabolism, age, genetics, health, prescription drug usage, absorption rate or other factors are taken into consideration.

LipoProtein Particle Profile (LPP)  Standard Cholesterol Testing Is NOT Enough!
Research shows that the lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, not the cholesterol itself, are responsible for inducing atherosclerotic plaque production and accelerating cardiovascular disease progression.  In fact, about 50% of heart attack suffers had normal HDL and/or LDL cholesterol test results.  For a complete cardiovascular risk assessment, get the LPP test.

Determines an individual's genetic risk associates with the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) gene.  If this gene mutation is present it can affect absorption of Vitamin B, which may lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke or thrombosis.

SpectraCell's Telomere Test is the window to your true cellular age.  This advanced test measures the length of your telomeres - the end caps of your DNA.  Studies have shown a direct link to telomere length, cardio vascular health and the aging process.

Dunwoody Labs offers highly advanced functional level testing for many health markers, such as:  Neurotransmitters; Food and Environmental Allergies; Digestive Function; Parasitology; DAO | Diamine Oxidase, Histmaine, Zonulin; and Heavy Metal Testing.


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