- What is Clinical Nutrition? -

Clinical nutrition is the practice of analyzing if a person is consuming an adequate amount of nutrients for good health.  A clinical nutritionist is concerned with how nutrients in food are processed, stored and discarded by your body, along with how what you eat affects your overall well-being.  Applied Clinical Nutritionists assess your nutritional needs based on your family and medical history, lifestyle and laboratory tests in order to make specific recommendations on your diet and individual nutritional needs.  A clinical nutritionist may provide advice on changes to your diet and may offer suggested nutrient and herbal supplementation that may help prevent or treat disease.

The earliest book on Chinese medical theory, The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, otherwise known as Nei Jing, by Kwang-Ti, dates back to around 2500 B.C.  This book describes how the Chinese medicine views symptoms in relation to the whole body, not as isolated problems to be dealt with on an individual basis.

Western medicine starts with a symptom, then it searches for a cause, then it determines a specific disease.  Chinese medicine looks for the disharmony of natural body energy and does not seek a specific disease.  The Chinese method is, therefore, holistic, based on the idea that no single part can be understood except in relation to the whole.

The essential ideas of Chinese medicine are simple.  They form a basis of discussion of “what’s going on” in the body.  They define the basic landscape of the body as:

Chi:  Also known as Qi this is our basic life force and energy, which is formed from maternal energy in the prenatal state then replenished by food and breath.  It directs and determines the body’s energy state, and it is predominantly either Yin (passive) or Yang (active) in nature.  It flows through the entire body via the meridian network. 

Blood:  A liquid, Yin in nature, that nourishes and maintains the body parts.

Jing:  Translated as essence of the body. Supportive and nutritive, it is the basis of reproduction, growth, ripening and withering.  Ongoing development through life corresponds to changes in the body’s Jing.

Shen:  Best translated as Spirit, an elusive concept in the medical tradition.  Human personality and consciousness indicate the presence of Shen, which is the capacity to form ideas and the desire to live life.  Shen is Yang in nature.

Fluids:  These are bodily liquids other than blood and include sweat, urine, gastric juices and saliva.  Their function is to moisten and lubricate the hair, skin, membranes, orifices, muscles, organs and flesh.

Traditional Chinese Medicine compared to Western Medicine

Western medicine believes that each organ of the human body is separate from one another, leaving its specialists to practice in each of the different fields.  In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as a whole, where each organ is related to each other.  For example, the lungs and skin, liver and eyes, kidneys and ears and stomach and muscles are all sister organs.  And it is the whole being, and notably, the cause, that is treated and not just the symptoms.  In addition, a health problem may not just be physical, as Chinese medicine also looks at the potential that a mental or spiritual imbalance could be the cause. Chinese medical diagnosis offers an alternative and that does not mean that one method is right or wrong.  Chinese medicine allows an understanding of the patient from a well-rounded perspective. Chinese Medicine is the Original Functional Medicine.

Balancing Meridians

So far, we’ve learned that Chinese analysis looks at the person as an entire being.  Meridians are the energy channels that connect the sister organs and thus provide diagnostic  connections to a patient’s condition and its root cause.  In Chinese medicine, practitioners treat the cause of a problem.  Two elements are incorporated into Chinese medical diagnosis:  the constitution of the person – this being the current condition, which varies each day, month and year – and balance.   The body needs balance; we do not want to be ecstatically energetic or tired, happy or depressed.  If we are in perfect balance, then we are in perfect health.
Blood Chemistry Analysis - Functional Level Evaluation

Why have an updated Blood Chemistry analyzed using Functional Ranges?  Functional levels help to identify the root causes of health challenges.  The lab tests we recommend are from high quality and advanced laboratories. We make them available at the most reasonable cost possible and in most cases if you have insurance, you only pay a portion of the cost.  This group of tests can suggest the probability of many conditions, including various types of anemia, gut, viral and bacterial infections, liver and kidney issues, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid, adrenal problems and many more.  Blood chemistry results can help Bright Path Wellness formulate a framework for patient treatment based on prioritizing significant conditions that may exist.  A succession of treatments for each condition may be necessary in order to resolve issues that may be caused by the prioritized conditions.  Bright Path Wellness approaches patient treatment differently than many medical  disciplines.  Rather than giving a specific medication for a specific condition, Bright Path tries to fix the body’s conversion pathways and feedback loops for the purpose of resolving the area that is dysfunctional in order to promote normal physiology. 

Integrative Medicine

Having a health challenge?    Try an Integrative Approach for Best Results.

Bright Path Wellness, Inc provides a complementary set of tools to help you with your health and healing.  Why not have a Team to assist you – your MD, your Chiropractor, your massage therapist, your other specialists, your Yoga instructor, your personal trainer, and Bright Path Wellness all working together as Your Team?    Bright Path Wellness brings Applied Clinical Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Laboratory Test Functional Analysis to Your Team.

We have found that in all our years of practice, that this balanced approach produces the best clinical results.  Together with commitment and dedication with can get you there.  Partnering in your wellness success is what give us the greatest satisfaction.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!