Fast Aid Kit for Home & Travel

$ 139.99 $ 148.50

Cold and Flu Season - Prevention and Relief!

A MUST have for every natural medicine cabinet and travelers!

Includes Five Products:

Star Flora-Restore – specific strain of probiotics that is a LIFESAVER. Use to combat food poisoning, relieves vomiting and diarrhea

Take 1-2, two times daily

Cytozyme-THY – nutrient that helps boost your immune system.  Take two per day as prevention, or take two 3-4 times a day when actively ill

Star ViraQuell -  herbal formulation that battles respiratory challenges. Take one capsule 2 times per day for up to a week

Guna-Flu -  homeopathic formula alternative to a flu shot. Take   one vial per week for six weeks. Getting on a plane?  Take one vial before your flight

If you are sick, take 1 vial, 2-3 times per day in addition to Cytozyme-THY.

DEFENSE Essential Oil– therapeutic, aromatic blend of essential oils to boost the immune system. Place a drop in a tissue or on a handkerchief and breath it in, or on the wrist creases.   Great to use on a plane, in a busy mall, or even a busy office!

*** dosages for children  to be reduced to half of adult dosage***




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