R2L | Cell Phone Radiation Shield by Erchonia - Protect Your Family!

$ 29.95


The R2L can reduce your cell phone radiation exposure by up to 70%, the minute you attach it to your phone.

The R2L has been proven through rigorous S.A.R testing with “RF Exposure Lab” in California, as well as “Müller BBM” in Germany.

162 minutes — that’s how much time the average American spends on his or her mobile device per day.

A child's brain absorbs (2x) times the amount of cell phone radiation than an adult.

  • Works with any model phone or mobile device
  • Does not interfere with call quality or clarity
  • Certified by (2) independent S.A.R. testing labs
  • Reduces cell phone radiation up to 70%
  • Flashes L.E.D. when radiation is being absorbed
  • Easy-to-use peel & place application

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