Restoring Good Health Naturally In Scottsdale AZ

Restoring Good Health Naturally In Scottsdale AZ

Restoring Good Health Naturally In Scottsdale AZ

Welcome to Bright Path Wellness, a unique holistic medicine practice in Scottsdale AZ  for restoring your health by combining the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest in science-based Functional Medicine. Lifestyle and dietary practices of both cultures are recommended.

Our powerful combination of these two blended approaches enables us to offer hope and healing to many who previously may have been frustrated at finding solutions to their health challenges.

Plus, we have a third area of expertise: Applied Clinical Nutrition, where we provide targeted, short-term nutrient therapy personalized to each patient’s specific needs. Therefore, when needed, we offer the highest grade of supplements for corrective purposes to bolster the body’s healing process.

Bright Path Wellness’ solutions include the widest array of natural medicine options for unlocking each person’s innate healing ability.

We often refer to ourselves as “The Natural Digestive Health Specialists” for our thorough understanding of gastrointestinal (GI) function and how to correct imbalances that have accumulated over time.

“You need to fix digestion first in order to correct any other condition, dysfunction, disease process or ailment in the body,” says Diana L. DaGrosa, owner of Bright Path Wellness. “All issues begin in the gut, which is the foundation for healing to take place. “

Diana herself has a lifetime of experience in healing her own digestive issues, which commenced at birth as a twin born prematurely. Later, she suffered severe constipation through other stressors of being a highly sensitive child, and a driven athlete using an inappropriate diet.

In fact, she named her practice after a man she once sought to emulate: James “Jim” Francis Thorpe, the first Native American to win an Olympic gold medal for our country. His cultural name “Wa-Tho-Huk,” translates as “Bright Path.”

Conditions We Can Help in Scottsdale AZ

The comprehensive list of services we offer embraces the mind, body and spirit. We support a wide variety of patients including women facing challenges with autoimmune disease or thyroid dysfunction, to professionals experiencing adrenal fatigue, to adults & children struggling with asthma, to adults and children held back due to digestive issues, to patients recovering from surgeries or cancer treatments; to anyone stressed by emotional issues.

The mission of our practice–through decades of advance training and personal discovery of which healing approaches truly work–is to help you live profound lives.

“We believe when the interferences are removed, everyone will be on a bright path to living a profound existence and realize their dreams,” Diana shares.

Through this blog, we will be educating you on a variety of tools, techniques and insights to empower you to live your healthiest and most vibrant life.

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With passion for your wellbeing,

The Team at Bright Path Wellness


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